Message To Our Patrons

With our customers, employees, vendors and community at the center of everything we do, we would like to take this time to address concerns about the Coronavirus and the steps we are taking to continue our focus on keeping everyone safe and healthy.

We are closely monitoring the situation and following guidance from public health officials, government agencies and the Maryland Restaurant Association to ensure we are instilling proper guidelines and protocols. The cleanliness of our restaurant has always been a top priority for us, and now more than ever. We have increased cleaning and sanitizing procedures across all areas of our restaurant to help ensure we are all in a safe environment. Proper hand washing and protection has been covered in detail with our staff and we continue to monitor these procedures. We are also holding our vendors to the same standards we find so important at a time like this. We are urging our employees to take proper precautions regarding their health and asking them not to come in when not feeling well along with following up with medical professionals if needed.

As always, we will continue to put our patrons and employees at the fore front of what we are doing. After all, the community is only as good as what we do for each other in times of need. We hope you find us a place you can rely on. Stay safe and healthy during this time.

The Grill Management and Staff